InHead Project was formed in 2007 year as experimental darkwave post-industrial band of two members - Maria "MZ" and Albert "Alexxdrum". InHead Project is a logical continuation of the project "Engine Of Reality" - MZ & Le Plastique Mystification.

Music of InHead Project based on obscure and cold electronic sounds (with frequent using old-school analog synthesizers) and some acoustic elements (like piano and violins). Particular feature of the both of our projects is the dark and low female voice of special nearly androgine timbre.

InHead Project on:


InHead Project & Bleiburg - "Nothing But The Light"

Lyrics "Nothing But The Light"


InHead Project - "Sun"

Lyrics "Sun"


InHead Project - "Dawn Ceremony"

Lyrics "Dawn Ceremony"


InHead Project - "Gates"

Lyrics "Gates"

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InHead Project e-mail - mindzeroart@gmail.com